Cramming for the Google Analytics IQ Test

I took the Google Analytics IQ Test last week and passed, which was sort of a miracle because I don’t actually have Google Analytics installed for this blog. It’s not actually possible to install GA on a free blog. What? Well apparently this used to be possible, but not anymore. You can however install GA on your own domain that uses WordPress. The only reason I can think of for this is that WordPress wants people to use their own built-in stats service, or to upgrade to a paid domain. Sidenote: One of the topics the Google Analytics IQ Test advised me to review based on my results was “Installing the Google Analytics Code”. OH REALLY? 

I forgot that Google owns Blogger (Blogspot), actually my whole class did, until about a month before the end of the quarter. Then I forgot that I had discovered this. I KNOW, I have terrible short-term memory. But then as I was cramming the night before the test, I suddenly remembered. And in my panic, I created a last-minute Blogger site so that I could get some practice in with the actual GA interface and some data.

Can you tell what my mental state was like the night before my exam?

Can you tell what my mental state was like the night before my exam?

That is literally all I put up. And then I tweeted out the link on my more-personal account (nerdy fangirl account) and told my followers (tlist) to click on a few posts, to help me spread the word. I will never underestimate the power of fandoms again, and I feel stupid now for thinking that my fellow nerds would be bothered by my ramblings on digital marketing. Well it’s more like a comfort issues for me. Anyway, I actually got more views last week for JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL than I ever did on this blog.

"Don't track your own pageviews" is certainly  handy.

“Don’t track your own pageviews” is certainly handy.

It’s actually very easy to install Google Analytics for your Blogger account. All you have to do is enter your “Analytics Web Property ID” into a box in your settings, you don’t even have to install the tracking code on every page! The ID is a string like UA-000000-01 and you can find it on the Tracking Info page of your Google Analytics account. You can also to see the entire string in the first few lines of the tracking code.


And in case you’re wondering, you can also install GA for your Tumblr. In the future if I decide to keep blogging for professional purposes, I am probably moving to Blogger or Tumblr. So in case I change the layout, that screenshot above will always serve as a reminder of how really started…


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