Again, Facebook

Looking to spend more time on Facebook? (Probably not.) In 2012, Facebook remained the top social media site that we spend time on across PC, mobile app, and mobile web. (Nielsen) According to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban over at his blog, Facebook is simply a huge “time suck” and shouldn’t aim for anything more. He criticizes Edgerank, Facebook’s maybe-dead algorithm. I really don’t pay attention to professional sports but maybe he has a point. The majority of people my age a.k.a. college students would probably describe their top activity on Facebook as “creeping”.

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get users to spend more time interacting with your Facebook page when they are using the social media site. I must confess that at my current job right now, my main task if managing the company’s Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media. It’s been more difficult than I anticipated and some hard lessons are still being learned. Some of the obstacles we face are: 1) We provide support services, not a product or programming 2) We are attempting to consolidate information from a large number of sources 3) Seemingly apathetic audience at times. One guideline that really keeps popping up everytime someone asks how to improve social media performance is creating and posting quality content. Sometimes I can’t believe there are still some folks that don’t see the difference between trying to meet a quota vs. posting quality content. But after my own experiences I realized that even if people do understand, it can be hard to implement. It’s easier to fire away and be content with that.

So since I’m not well-equipped enough yet to give out advice, here’s some of my pet peeves:

  1. Don’t you dare use exclamation marks everytime you write.
  2. The more important the message is, the more concise you should be.
  3. Post a variety of content. Maybe a status update, then a link, then a photo. Status updates might get you to more newsfeeds quickly but other types of posts can be much more engaging for users. Who doesn’t like variety in their life?

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