The Dawn of Mobile

This isn’t 2001, and you probably can’t call that year the “dawn of mobile” either but there’s no mistake that right now, we are looking at a major game-changer. Mobile phones—no, specifically smartphones, have rapidly changed how we go about our daily lives.

Up until mid-June of this year, I owned a Blackberry smartphone. Shocker, I know. Actually what might be more shocking is that I used my first cellphone, a Sony Ericsson model, for five years. That got a whistle out of the salespeople when I finally turned it in for a new one. Now, I’m on my third phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S3. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

The biggest thing that smartphones achieved was that it took the Internet outside of our homes and desktop screens. Sure, there might’ve been netbooks and laptops seen outside but smartphones make the Internet feel truly on-the-go.



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