Thoughts on Database Marketing

Last week, I looked at Codecademy and all the computer programming languages you could learn there. This week the focus is on database marketing and structured query language (SQL), which I thought you could also learn from Codecademy but guess I had it confused with PHP or Ruby. If you’re slightly confused like I was, you can check out the differences between the three here.

According to my digital marketing professor here, who says that according to other digital marketers, “the ability to do their own SQL queries would definitely get an entry level candidate noticed.” Well that explains why we fiddled around with it in one of my management information system classes last year. Oh wait, we didn’t. We did experiment a bit with Microsoft Access and writing our own queries but I have to say that I failed to see the overall value in the task at the time. Was learning how to write my own queries really going to come into play later in my career?

After reading this blog post called “Every Marketer Should Be Technical” from the former CMO of MOZ, Jamie Steven, the bigger picture is becoming clearer to me. Now more than ever, it’s important for marketers to have the technical skills to be successful. The more competent you are in working with a database, the more able you are to devise a successful strategy.

Guess I’m off to master yet another programming languge. Wish me luck!


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