Learning with Code Academy

This week I fiddled around on a site called Code Academy where you can learn to code HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby. The first thing that strikes me is how similar the design and user interface is to another learning site I’ve used called Duolingo. So I compared them side by side. Both sites stress free education and share an investor, but aside from that they appear to be independent.


Duolingo: Both sites feature different languages you can learn and progress in.

code academy

Code Academy: And a nice, clean user interface!

The suggested starting point is Web Fundamentals (HTML and CSS). Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve coded in either of these languages but back in middle school I was a pretty big web design geek. In those days, if you could write your entire site’s CSS in a .txt file, upload it and have it work, that got you street cred… web cred? Whatever. Point is, I thought a review might be fun but after completing the first course I moved onto something a little more challenging.


I’m a fan of Pusheen the Cat.

Javascript is something I never tried before so that was my next step. Code Academy helps you learn by actually being a pretty good teacher. First it shows you how it’s done, has you repeat it, then asks you to do it on your own. When you get stuck, you can even ask for hints.


No longer a Javascript n00b

code academy

You can earn points and badges along the way.


All in all I had a productive afternoon filled with learning. Although I’ve never taken a university computer science class before, I’m guessing this is a pretty good alternative. If you’d like to share your own experience using Code Academy, feel free to do so in the comments!


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