Paid Media X and Y

A lot of things happened over the weekend that I could discuss like New York Comic-Con (which I wish I could’ve attended) and a destructive riot in my front yard (which I wish nobody would’ve attended) but instead I’ve got two things on my mind: Paid Media and the new Pokemon X & Y.

First you have to choose your starter pokemon media: paid, owned, or earned. These types have been in use since the early days of marketing.



The slowest moving of the three, although a standby favorite ever since the days when Pewter Gym was your first obstacle and this type was super effective! In comparison, owned media didn’t even apply back then. Paid media is considered the most traditional but it has proven that it can evolve alongside the other types and still has a Fighting chance!


You have control over this beautiful creature. Your own web site, mobile site, blog, you name it! When it evolves it gains Psychic abilities and specializes in Special Attack, which sounds redundant but isn’t. Owned media can lead to earned media, which is what makes it so attractive. You can lay waste to the competition with both types of attacks.


This type has high speed, much like word-of-mouth and viral content. Be careful because it can also evolve into a Dark type, and you may experience a backlash from consumers in your career. It is important to listen and respond to this type.

Ultimately these types work best together

Somewhere down the line you’ll reach a point where you can’t continue without a little help from one of these types. It would be a mistake to think that you don’t need one or the other and to neglect them. They all play different roles so it is important to consider your objective first, and then which type to use when.

(If that just went totally over your head, then that makes me very sad because the amount of Pokemon puns I wove in while also making total sense about interactive marketing is ridiculous.)



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