Let Me SEO That For You

If you think SEO is dead or soon to become irrelevant, let me tell you what I’ve learned so far a week into my senior year of college— it’s not. Why? Because SEO is constantly evolving just like search engines do. That’s not the only thing I’ve learned but as a marketing major constantly being reminded of my impending graduation, it is an advantageous piece of knowledge.

If you’re not my digital marketing professor or an SEO professional discovering my blog, here’s an introduction to search engine optimization called “The Beginner’s Guide to SEO“. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to click on this link.

It’s hard to imagine search engines going away anytime soon especially with the advent of smartphones, or rather what I like to call AFK search: You’re out with a group “away from keyboard” when suddenly there’s a piece of information that not one member of the group knows off the top of their head, prompting someone to search for this information on their smartphone. Marketers and search engine engineers will surely be focusing on mobile search experience for users.

With 85% of American adults online, and “[using] a search engine to find information” ranking as the #1 activity they do, it’s no wonder that marketers are so keen on furthering the relationship between search and marketing. (Pew Internet) But what marketers may not fully realize yet is the opposition they face from users. 73% of search users would not be okay with personalized search, while 68% would not be okay with targeted advertising. (Pew Internet)

User sentiment towards online privacy is a fickle thing. Perhaps given the time users will warm up to personalized search, targeted advertising, and other types of search engine marketing. And since marketers have been long preparing, their efforts may ultimately be rewarded.


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